What We Offer

Including, but not limited to (we don’t sell a package, we sell our services, so the sky is the limit):

  • Connecting shopping cart with your hosting account.
  • Branding
  • Welcome, newsletter, and purchase flows for cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Integrate your store with Facebook and Instagram (where available)
  • Policies pages: Refund, Terms of Service, Privacy, Shipping…
  • Basic website pages: home, about, contact, blog, rewards (must have applicable app)
  • High quality, customer friendly product and collection pages
  • Optional additional pages.
  • Book Funnel integration and testing for both ebooks and audiobooks.
  • Upgrade with apps of your choice to help improve customer experience, and improve sales.
  • Integration of newsletter software (where possible).
  • Building box set and bundle packages.
  • Book Vault or Lulu integration for paper books.

First and foremost, this is your store, and it will look like your store when it’s finished. We want you to be happy.


We take the time to look over your current store: the colors, the graphics, the layout. Taking your branding into consideration, we build your new store with graphics you already use. We want your store to mesh seamlessly.


It’s up to you. You can make your main domain name your new shop, or you can add a subdomain (this has been the most popular for our clients). If you choose the subdomain, you can have a button on your current site, or you can have your old domain redirect to your shop.

These are options we are happy to discuss with you.

Site Design

We offer apps and integrations to make your site run smoothly. At a minimum, you’ll want a home page, author page, policies pages, and of course, product pages. But if you want collections, bundles, a blog, or more, we’ll set that up too. Since we don’t charge a flat fee, we can add and customize to your heart’s content.

Add Ons

I wish Shopify offered all the bells and whistles in one place, but alas, they don’t. So we have scoured and tried a lot of apps and designs to see which ones are most cost effective and work well. We will give you a list of those apps when you sign on with us and pay your deposit.

eBooks, Paperbacks, Hardcovers, Audiobooks

If you have the files, we can get the books set up on your store for you. Please be aware, uploading books is very time consuming as there are a lot of moving parts. We can upload to Book Funnel, Book Fault, and set up the integration for you, but if you’d prefer to have your books uploaded on those site, that’s fine too.


We do not make book covers. But if you have your book covers, we happily make 3D graphics to make your covers look proper for the format (ebook, audiobook, paper book). If you want paperback and hardback covers for your books, we don’t do the graphics, but with access to the proper accounts, we will upload the files for you.


If you want to add, change graphic, heck, change anything, you’ll have full access to your site, and it’s yours to play with as you please. Just don’t go in and play while we are setting up the site. We get it started for you, but we will also make changes, add books, and other tasks should you choose not to do them yourself after the site is up and running.

Ongoing Maintenance

Yes, we absolutely offer ongoing maintenance, at our normal hourly rate. This offer is good at the hourly rate we are charging at the time you need maintenance, not necessarily the original rate for building the site. Our rates may change without notice.

Monthly Costs

We charge by the hour. But you’ll have monthly subscription fees for Shopify (currently $39) and for the other apps you choose to integrate with your site that will be billed directly to you via Shopify and the other apps you use.

Limit on Books

Nope! Got 10? Got 100+? We will upload as many books as you’d like. Just remember, this is an hourly rate, and as stated before, uploading books is time consuming, especially if you have different formats available.

Is there anything we don’t do?

Yes! We DO NOT set up your financials, taxes, VAT or overseas sales. There are too many variables and we can’t be responsible. Shopify does have a nice tax app for you to use.