Why Sell Direct with Shopify?

Why sell direct through your author website?

Where do I begin? There are so many reasons, the main one being that it’s not smart to have all of your eggs in one basket.

  1. Getting to know your customers:

    1. When you have a freebie on the retailers, you never know who that reader is, and you can’t get in touch to see if they loved the book, or even read it yet. And you have no way to offer them the next books in the series, since you have no idea who they are. The retailers aren’t going to give you that valuable information. But with your own bookstore, YOU have the information. As soon as that purchase is made (before that, really, because if the apps in the store) you have the consumer’s email. Boom! You can keep in touch, offer them deals/coupons/discounts, and even more freebies.
    2. You’ll get to know what they are looking for by using heat maps on your site, or just observing the analytics that show you where people clicked, and how long they stayed on the page, and where they clicked away from your shop.
    3. You are in control of your destiny, and your readers, not the retailers.
  2. Money

    1. Retailers have rules, like when a book cost is over $9.99, your royalty rate drops. Well, not in YOUR bookstore! You control the price, and other than the store fees for credit card processing, and purchase charges, the rest of the money is yours! This usually equals out to 85-90% royalty rate, give or take.
    2. Yes, you have monthly fees for Shopify hosting, apps, and transaction fees, but you also have the option to sell many more things. NOT JUST BOOKS! Yes, I was yelling that. You can sell merchandise, bookmarks, digital items and more.
    3. You choose the price, and you choose the set up.
    4. Oh, and while we are talking about money…you get paid in 3-5 days, not 60 days!

  3. Discounts

    1. You get to give discounts to your readers. Coupons, rewards points, and more.
    2. Have a freebie? Well, 3 days after that freebie is purchased (or however many days you choose), you send your customer an email offering the rest of the series, in a bundle, or just a smaller boxed set (your decision) at a discount!
    3. These discounts may seem counter to making money, but you wouldn’t even be able to sell an audiobook bundle through the retailers.
    4. Bring them back!!! In the restaurant business, we called them “bounce back” coupons. When a person comes in and purchases, you give them a reason to come back and purchase more! Post purchase emails will be your best friend.
  4. Preorders
    1. Yes, you can offer preorders! And you get paid for them now! Not in 4 months (or so), when the book releases, and then you wait 60+ days to get paid.
  5. Grow your business your way!
    1. You’ll have a valuable list of reader emails.
    2. You’ll be able to offer SMS (text messaging) with special offers, if you choose.
    3. You decide what your store looks like.
    4. And no one is pushing the books of other authors to your readers. I mean you could if you wanted, but that’s your decision.

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